3D printing specialist

Msc Eng. Paweł Pacek

He makes three-dimensional models based on medical imaging.

He prepares “tailored” bone substitute implants and properly fitting mounts based on medical documentation with the use of CAD modeling software. He is interested in the use of 3D printing in various branches of industry and medicine.

Medical consultant

MD Maciej Rysz

He has graduated from the I Medical Faculty as well as the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical University of Warsaw, combining skills of an MD and a DMD. He specializes in head and neck oncology, reconstructive surgery and cancer diagnosis. His skills in the area of oral and maxillofacial surgery as well as reconstructive procedures allow him to successfully treat dental implant complications, plan and perform dental implant treatment, reconstruct dental deficiencies, perform inferior alveolar nerve lateralization, guided tissue regeneration as well as oral bone grafting procedures. He also performs non-surgical maxillofacial procedures using dermal fillers and facial wrinkle reducers.

3D modeling specialist

MSc Eng. Agnieszka Chmielewska

She is responsible for designing personalized implants and medical instruments, in connection with completed post-graduate studies in modern design methods using advanced CAD/CAM/CAE techniques. She also deals with the development of printing parameters for nickel and titanium superalloys, as well as microstructure analysis and light and scanning microscopy.



Email: agnieszka.chmielewska@materialscare.eu

ResearchGate: Scientific publications

Material characterization specialist

Ph.D. Eng. Ida Dulińska-Molak

Deals with the synthesis and characterization of polyurethanes and composite scaffolds used in bone tissue engineering. In addition, she has extensive experience in studying cell mechanics using force spectroscopy.



Email: ida.dulinska@materialscare.eu

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ResearchGate: Scientific publications

Ph.D. Eng. Bartłomiej Wysocki

Specializes in 3D printing using Selective Laser Melting (SLM) method of implants with the use of powder materials. He is the author of numerous patent applications and scientific articles regarding the improvement of 3D printing technology of powder materials as well as the forming of coatings on scaffolds for tissue cultivation.


Email: bartlomiej.wysocki@materialscare.eu
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Researchgate: Scientific publications

Microtomography specialist

MSc Eng. Karol Szlązak

Deals with imaging and data analysis of x-ray computer tomography of metals and polymers. He also prepares data from computer tomography, obtained by doctors, which is used for implants modeling.


Email: karol.szlazak@materialscare.eu

ResearchGate: Scientific publications