MaterialsCare is a spin-off company established at the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology (FMSE WUT), which is based on the staff and experience of Biogroup led by Professor Wojciech Święszkowski. The associates have many years of experience in the field of: 3D printing, biomaterials, toxicity of materials, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, which they gained during the implementation of numerous research projects.

The target group of MaterialsCare’s recipients are veterinary surgeries, as well as public hospitals and private clinics specializing in tissue reconstruction in oncological patients and patients after trauma, orthopedics and cosmetic medicine. The scope of activity applies to both metallic, polymer and hybrid implants.

However, the medical industry is not the only area of ​​company’s operations. Experience in metal 3D printing allows us to develop material data for metal 3D printers, offer custom metal printing and numerous post processing solutions for manufactured parts.

MaterialsCare also offers professional materials expertise and numerous tests, including microscopic analysis (SEM, FIB, TEM, AFM, optical microscopy, confocal microscopy), thermal analyses (DMA, DSC, TGA), tomography analysis and cellular tests.



Below is a list of companies and institutions with whom we cooperate: