The main goal of “The method of treatment of large bone defects in oncological patients using in vivo tissue engineering” project (iTE) is to develop an innovative method of regeneration of large bone defects in oncological patients based on the use of scaffolds and in vivo tissue engineering.

In this method, in first stage after removal of the bone tumor, a modern implant (spacer) will be put in a place of the defect, filling the cavity and simultaneously releasing antibacterial medicine, as well as supporting radiotherapy or chemotherapy. At the same time, bioactive and biodegradable scaffold will be ectopically implanted in the patient’s body in the area supporting the formation of new tissue. After the in vivo’s creation of new bone tissue, the spacer will be removed and the prefabricated patch (tissue engineering product) will be taken and implanted in the jaw defect area providing its physiological and aesthetic functionality. Achieving the goal requires the development of a modern spacer, bioactive scaffolding, as well as methods of enriching them with bioactive agents.

Developed solutions will be tested both in vitro and in vivo on models of both small and large animals.