Publication date: 22.12.2017  / Published by: Bartłomiej Wysocki


In connection with the implementation of the STARTEGMED III project “Method of treatment of large bone defects in oncological patients using in vivo tissue engineering” MaterialsCare invites to submitting offers for services in January 2018:

  1. Preparation of 3 solutions of sodium hydroxide for activating the surface of PCL scaffolds
  2. Designing CAD models of 6 scaffoldings with different porosity and fiber cutting angles for production with the use of FDM technology
  3. 3D printing of 30 PCL scaffolds with the use of FDM technology with 5 different geometries for surface modifications

Interested candidates are invited to send the application giving the reference number in the title of the message (DRUK/DZ/01/2018) by 29 December 2017 at 16:00.