Publication date: 23.02.2018 / Published by: Bartłomiej Wysocki

In connection with the continuous development of the company, we invite you to apply for the internship at MaterialsCare. We are especially looking for people interested in 3D printing of metals and polymers, material characterization and broadly understood veterinary and medicine. For those most involved, we anticipate the possibility of cooperation under civil law contracts. Exemplary positions and thematic scope:

  1. 3D printing of metals and post-processing (preparation of metal and polymer printing processes, selection of printing parameters, cleaning of manufactured elements, preparation of the summaries of used parameters, creating photographic documentation)
  2. Material characterization (density testing, preparation of metallographic specimens, microstructure observations using optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy)
  3. Designing (creating models based on tomographic data and from scratch in engineering software, designing supporting structures for 3D printing from metals, creating graphic sets of created projects and research results)