Implants produced with the use of 3D printing technology by MaterialsCare are currently helping animals which are treated by veterinarians, at the request of animals’ owners, by supplementing cavities resulting from injuries or the need to remove bone cancer. Depending on the application, MaterialsCare manufactures porous or solid implants, among which one could also distinguish long-term implants – metallic, remaining in patient’s body until the end of their life, and short-term (biodegradable) implants made of polymers/plastics which, after fulfilling their function in the body, are dissolved as a result of metabolism, and a new tissue is created in their place. As a result of our close cooperation with UNIPRESS of the Polish Academy of Sciences, there is a possibility of covering all of our products with bone-forming ceramic BONE+ coating.

Depending on your preferences, and based on the clinical case analysis, we suggest using one of our lines of products:

1. OsteoPetPlug – standardized biodegradable implants for animals

Implants have standard dimensions described in the catalog. They are designed to fill bone cavities after skull trepanation, craniofacial injuries or long bone resection. Implants are manufactured with the use of 3D printing method from biodegradable polymer.

2. OsteoPetCare – custom-made implants for animals

Implants are created by our designers based on medical imaging for an individual patient. They are used for reconstruction of cavities after the resection of long bones, craniofacial bones resection or back injuries. Implants are produced with the use of 3D printing off titanium or a biodegradable polymer, or a hybrid version titanium+polymer.

Our scientific consultants when designing implants for animals are: dr n. wet. Igor Bissenik – co-owner of the 24-hour Veterinary Clinic „Puławska”, who successfully carried out implantations of scaffolds for dogs, and dr wet. Łukasz Juszkiewicz – co-owner of Puławki Veterinary Center.

For better communication, please contact us via a specially prepared application form, in which you can describe the exact case and expectations regarding the service.