In connection with our contract for the rental of research infrastructure from the Warsaw University of Technology, in addition to 3D printing, we provide material characterization services, including:

  • microscopic observations (optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy – SEM, atomic force microscopy – AFM)
  • computer tomography and 3D scanning
  • thermogravimetric analysis – TGA
  • differential scanning calorymetry – DSC
  • dynamic mechanical analysis – DMA
  • cellular tests (adhesion, proliferation, cytotoxicity)
  • and other, depending on the client’s needs.

We cordially invite all interested parties to cooperate with MaterialsCare joint submission and realization of R&D projects. We are especially interested in 3D printing, regenerative and veterinary medicine. As a company we implement projects from national funds (NCBiR, Strategmed), but we also attempt to obtain funds in international projects.